Tuesday, December 20

8:34 am
Phil:    Good morning. Quiet day today I hope. Anxious to get going tomorrow and be home for Christmas. I will miss here though. Would have been nice to build a fire and spend an evening reading, watching movies. Be nice to walk on the beach though. Can’t wait to see the family. I like the drive too. Got some books on CD to enjoy. 

I internalize most of my feelings, rarely speak about what I feel. Work is my crutch. I’m good at it and I enjoy it. The rest is what makes life interesting. Too much swimming around in my brain. Hope the day is good.
10:37 am
Good morning, sweet man. Staff mtg at 11 am, hoping pizza arrives this time. Budget mtg 2 pm to plan for next year. 

I was NOT asking about feelings – I know better than to ask a man about that!  If any leak out, that’s okay. Just wondered if you think, “I wish she’d….” or “I wish she’d stop…” Just opening a door, clear the air etc. But don’t worry about it if that’s not your style. Have a lovely day and think of the girl at her desk, thinking of you…
Phil: I’m good. Nice to have you to listen. Not everyone hears what is said without judging it first.
Pretty much done with my day, have to hit the gym. Down 15 pounds and still dropping. Weight loss is noticeable at this point, pants getting pretty loose, shirts hanging. I want to drop another 30lbs at least. That gets me down to a waist size in the mid 30s which is good for me.
I’d give a lot for an evening alone to relax in the house but Sally is there every second unless she is shopping or out to lunch. She needs a job but it’s much easier to pluck the golden goose. I get to travel in January and I am looking forward to just me time for a few days. Ah well. One more meeting tomorrow morning and then off to the beach.  She sleeps, I listen to my books, great trip.

3:33 pm
I survived my meetings! Staff meeting ran 45 min over! Eep! At least the pizza arrived this time. And budgeting… how can it take an hour to say “same as last year?!” Arrgh.
Phil: Ha ha.  Been there, done that.  
Ok… short anatomy lesson.  or “why Sassy asked you to curl your fingers and press toward the ceiling.”   It seems women have “erectile tissue” …the so-called G-spot.  How did I not know this?!  Did you know it? 
I found a great diagram!  Please study it! :0
It also describes 3 positions to hit it with ease… putting this on my f*it list!  It sounds technical but the phrase that caught my eye was “Now lovingly thump her G-Spot until she is an orgasmic mess.” Hee!

Finding and stimulating the g-spot in a womans body including a picture of the g-spot location in a female

4:32 pm 
Off to shop.  YUCK!  Have a nice evening.  I hope you get some “me” time.  I would love to interrupt you for some “Fuck time” but know how much you value your solitude.  If you change your mind, you know where I am…
Survived the “valley of the things!”  With any luck, I won’t have to set foot in a store until next December.  🙂
Best of luck with the travels! 

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