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Monday, December 19
Phil: Good morning. Slow day today but lot of cats and dogs before heading home. Had a nice weekend. Football sucked but otherwise ok. Weather is cool but not bad. Not expecting any snow. Looking forward to Christmas, all of us together is nice. Chance to take some family photos. Cousin about my age thinking marriage. First time.  My brother is having real health issues. Glad to be going home. Hope your day is good
Good morning!  Cold start in the 20s but headed to 45.  Sun is shining, feeling great!  Progress – Hubby got up and showered and went out to work at the coffee house!  Office is quiet.  Trying to get ahead on January conference tasks.  Have a great Monday!
Wow… big doings with the men-folk in your family!  Has your cousin known his intended long?  What’s going on with Tommy? Can they fix him?  I will pray for them both.  I’ve done all my work… looking for something else to do.  Any suggestions? 
Phil: My brother has [disease]. Hitting him hard lately. My cousin has known this young lady for many years.
Had you heard of that disease before?  I had to look it up.  Sounds like it can be managed if he has good care… hope so! 
Our organist married after years with a guy, and they broke up 6 months later!  Eek.  Luckily, she is married again, with twins!
Do you like your cousin’s lady?  Think his marriage is a good idea?  I’m fascinated when people who’ve known each other suddenly consider marrying.  It usually means a great party! 
How are things going with Sally and you? She’s smiling more in the photos.…
Phil: No, had to look it up too. I like my cousin’s gal, good for him. He is where he wants something permanent. Sally likes it here, likes the people. She does not work so life is good. She likes volunteering. We get along well, always did till she got nasty a few years back. Much easier to be around now. No romance, sedate old married couple, that sucks. 
Phil: This spelling help function sucks. Sorry, screws up my words
No worries.  I get it most of the time… I just got it on my new computer… had not understood for years what people were on about but now I do! 
Phil: LOL
Since I’m being all nosy, how are we doing?  Now and then I feel like I should remind you that even if you’re not used to being able to say what you want, you can do it with me. You can tell me anytime, or not say if you’d rather not.  But here’s a chance to mouth off good or bad… I sometimes find I’ve been arguing with you in my head or thinking wonderful things and not getting around to saying them, and that’s not fair and when I just come out with it, you are very nice about it!

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