FFF – Discovery

He scared me when I met him at the base Christmas party – tall, sexy and in charge – but I didn’t let on.  I listened intently to his questions, even winked when he asked me my favorite breakfast place.  I replied, “In bed!” He chuckled.  
I didn’t see him again until July 4th, but he remembered me, said my name as my husband and I mingled at the command barbecue.  He whispered, “Breakfast tomorrow?”  I knew we were not talking pancakes. 
We met every Thursday morning – I’d drop my husband at HQ, park behind the exchange, walk to big house, undress and wake him in the best way possible.  He taught me about my body and his body and what to do to make us soar.  He only had an hour but we made excellent use of it!  
Today there was a strange car in his driveway and I almost didn’t go in.  But he had sent the usual text, “Waffles.”  And I wasn’t early.  So I undressed, turned the corner and made an interesting discovery… another woman was buttering his toast!  I wanted to bolt but I couldn’t take my eyes off his beautiful backside!  I was too shy to join them but I pleasured myself while they finished.  He turned and held out his hand. 
That’s my entry for this week’s Flash Ficiton Friday challenge hosted by Advizor54: 
• The key word is, “Discovery”
• The world limit is 219
• Extra Credit for NOT using the word, symbol, or synonym for 3/three or any variation thereof (or in any language)
• Extra Extra Credit is given to anyone who suggests a FFF picture HERE.
Pop over to Free Advice is worth what you pay for it to read what other bloggers saw in the photo.  And join in next week – he posts a prompt every Sunday!  

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