Christmas plans

Friday, December 16
Good morning!  Good weather?  47 clear, into the 50s later.  TGIF!
Phil: Good day – got everything done!  I am bushed at this point but pleased.
Phil:  It’s a ghost town.
People are still around until Tuesday… but after that we can definitely tell the difference.  Nice to have less traffic, empty elevators… but I miss them in the office.
Phil: I already miss them. It’s a nice break for the staff though. This is the most rewarding experience I have ever had. I’ll see my kids at Christmas and then the rest of my family and I am so excited. 
Can you rest soon or is there more to do?
Phil: I have admin I want to catch up on and then a series of meetings next week. Head out on Thursday. After that I believe I am pretty much off which is wonderful.
Isn’t it lovely when the end is in sight?  I work Mon/Tues, off Wed. (annual mammogram at MGH, which seems more serious this year), work Th afternoon to do payroll, then off until Jan 3.
So wish you could make a side trip to Boston… eat some…lobster.
Phil: Not this trip. Got family in the car and a hell of a long way to drive.  
I know… doesn’t keep me from wishing… and thinking about what it would be like to hear you laugh, see you smile…
Phil: Gonna fill up on seafood at the beach though.  Not as good as Lobster of course. That little place we found last time is still a favorite.  I just loved the place and of course that amazing place in Boston.  What a fabulous meal and evening.
You staying with your family?
Phil: Yes. That’s going to be interesting.  I’m making a turkey, and all the trimmings for Christmas dinner. Gonna watch lots of football. Worried about snow though.
It’s so wonderful to hear you so happy in your job… such a change from last year when you were so glad to see D.C. in the rear view mirror!  and your Christmas plan sounds great! You are so lucky to be doing great work, and be where you want to be, doing what you want to do on Christmas!  No one deserves it more than you! 
Tough week – nice to think of lobster and you.  Hubby’s in bad shape, saw 2 docs and a therapist.. no answers, trying new anti-depressant but they don’t hold out much hope it will change anything.  I don’t know what more to do… praying hard.   Weepy and scared, but trying to snap out of it.  Don’t worry – I always do!  Sleep well, sweet man. 
Phil: I am so sorry to hear that. I will remember to pray for you. Have only dealt with friends with minor depression. Has to be very hard. So sorry you are going through this.

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