December memories

Thursday, December 15
Hiya!  We’re back to “we get the weather you had yesterday” routine.  Gray here, 43, but rain and warmer tomorrow.  Very quiet, dare I say BORING, in the office.  People are finishing up their work, leaving Friday or Monday.  What do you plan to change in the house?  Hope your admin is rolling along. 
My brain is stuck on memories of this day last December. It starts w/special moments on a frigid night – talks, chowder, lobster, a hot man’s cock in my mouth. And then my body is reacting.  My hands stray below my desk.  And suddenly you are here in the dark and I’m on my desk.. longing for you to tell me what happens next.
11:30 pm
You okay?
Phil: Hey! Busy, work. Doing fine
Cool.  Thanks. 
Phil: Very busy time.  Exhausting but rewarding. Nite girl

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