Week 18
Wednesday, December 14
Phil: Wet morning but warm but the bottom is going to drop and then we are gonna be in for it. 

Ton of Admin today! Yuck! People are taking off for two weeks on Friday.  That’s gonna be a long day but then some relief. Gotta clean up the house and get ready to head to the beach for a few days and then up to NY to see family and back to CHI for New Years.  Lot of driving in a week’s time but be nice to see everyone and will be a nice break from here. 

Almost no booze. See the weight loss in my face and belly first. Pants getting looser, less jowly in the face. I am determined to get to my lowest weight and stay there. That puts me at about a xx inch waist. Going for a long, lean look rather than the bulkier muscle look. Wind sprints are kicking my ass but I love that burn in my lungs and muscles. 

Boat load of my favorite authors have books coming out this month. Can’t wait. I love to read. I like mysteries that deal with world wide stuff. Like books where much of the action happens in Europe, cloak and dagger type stuff I guess. Love Stuart Woords, Jack Higgens, Ludlum, DeMille, Clive Cussler, Paul Christopher. Easy to lose yourself in a book. 

Ah well, off to my admin. Have a great day!

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