Closer examination

Thursday, December 8
8:02 am
Phil: Menu looked great! I love bacon wrapped dogs. Currently laying off anything like that. Trying to eat leaner. Slowly dropping pounds. Down eleven, want to shave off another 20. Too easy to get desk bound and blow off the workout. Getting better about it and the weight is coming down. Hope you have a great day .20 here today. Brrrr
12:07 pm
Good morning! Windy cold 37 and clear. I’ve cut back portions and am making better choices, too. Shared the bacon! The chicken fried bacon and cheese bacon grits? Divine. 

I noticed in yesterday’s photos your face looks trimmer! Hard to tell about your body in the uniform. I’d like to make a closer examination w/o your clothes. Might have to be hands-on…or use my mouth in certain areas. mmmm. Would you like that? I wish I had a bunk at work! 

I have to run a big holiday open house at the office today and asst who usually does the decorating called in sick! Whee! Have an awesome Thursday!

2:48 pm 
Take a look at the cupcakes for the open house!  Some of those are red velvet!  

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