Year 2 Week 17
Wednesday, December 7
8:01 am
Phil: 29 degrees here but the coffee is hot! Family stuff is calmer.  Talking to the pros.   This is draining. Looking forward to heading to the beach for the holiday though. I like it here but that has become home. May swing through NY on the way home to see the family.  Have a great day!
10:35 am
Good morning! We’ve got the 50 degrees and pouring rain thing, so I am making my own sunshine!
11:14 am
So glad the family stuff is better, and that you have right resources! Remember that I know about this topic.  A supportive family makes a HUGE difference.  It IS draining but so amazing when you see results! Hang in there and whine to me whenever you need to. I will rub your feet and listen.
11:20 am
Did you see the video I posted on my wall yesterday?
It will make you giggle if you have a couple of minutes… 

5:00 pm
Heading out to eat a little bacon! The local bar is having a special bacon night. You’d like that place… lots of beers. Hope you can have a relaxing evening!

6:22 pm
Bad light but here are photos from Baconpalooza! 

 Bacon satay w/ Thai peanut sauce

Bacon wrapped shrimp, and chicken fried bacon with bacon cheese grits and biscuits 
@ Olde Magoun Saloon, Somerville

Bacon poutine – waffle fries with bacon, cheese, gravy and an egg on top. 
A cross between nachos and an egg mcmuffin….

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