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Monday, December 5, 2011
7:33 am
Phil: Well good morning to you too. Great football yesterday. Have visiting bigwigs today, always fun. I skipped the Mark Harmon thing. Chose to use the time to hang Christmas lights. The guys tell me he and Gary Sineese were very friendly, ate with them, posed for pictures, the recruits had a blast. Christmas party was great, bigwigs party was extraordinary. Packed house full of local mayors, who’s-who of the military here, very nice affair, the band concert was spectacular and then I got to watch the taped football game. I avoided my phone so I had no idea about the game which made it great fun. 

Got my coffee, did my morning exercises and ready to go for the week. The command Christmas party is Friday and then the Army/Navy game party on Saturday, Christmas Cantata on Sunday. 

Got a family issue.  Gotta do something.  Ah well. Enjoy the day and have a fabulous week!
8:32 am
Good morning! Another oddly warm day in the 50s. Off to work, then the first gathering for a new project.  I’m in charge of snacks and getting them socializing, as about half are new. Have fun w/ the visitors!
8:42 am
What’s up w/ the family?  I’ll pray for a better path soon. Be careful… Tough to balance. If I can help you or them, say so.
1:49 pm
Phil: It is tough.  Hopefully we will figure things out.
2:02 pm
Should have known you’d have a good plan. You are a good man… reminds me of my dad!

2:03 pm
Phil: I try. 🙂
3:39 pm
Two things about reading the blogs…
1) They make me want you more. Didn’t think that was even possible! But the yearning thing is FIERCE today. I have all these new ideas I want to try… with you. And your 1000 miles away. ARRGH!
2) The food analogy – I was starving when you found me. You showed me lobster and steak and lots of amazing meals. I was so satisfied! And now I find out there are ways to make meals even better. Different spices, new combinations – get my drift? I want to try them all…w/ you. Find out what your tastes are.. and…oh, man. Excuse me. I have to go to my bunk!
12:12 am
Oh, what a fun evening! The project meeting was amazing. Such talent in the room! And they really got into it. I enjoyed it. Hope you had a nice evening.

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