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Thursday, November 24
8:22 am
Phil: Happy Thanksgiving! Heading off to get my turkey in the oven. Hope you have a marvelous day!

11:24 am

Is my hard drive supposed to whine and crunch like a fire siren going through a wood chipper?
11:58 am
Happy Thanksgiving to you, kid. Off to sis’s for dinner and dishwashing! Enjoy your family, food and football!
9:24 pm
Hiya kid. Home alone, learning about male anatomy! Have you heard of prostate massage? Does it work or is it a myth? Dick says,” …everything she did had one effect in common, it gave me the same feeling deep inside my pelvis that I have while I am coming. It felt as if I were ejaculating the entire time she fucked me with her finger.” Does that sound worth trying?  🙂
Here are 3 quick links:
Dick discovers his prostate
Jane explains why it works
Dick reports the results

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