2012 Top 100 Sexy Blogs

Dear Readers, 

Big excitement in the sexy blog world this morning!  Rori of “Between My Sheets” is out with her annual list of the The Top 100 Sex Blogs!  
Go check them out at http://www.betweenmysheets.com/top-100-sex-bloggers-of-2012
You may not know it, but there are thousands of sexy blogs out there.  Have some fun over the long weekend poking around.  This list was a big part of getting me started blogging, so I hope you will take a look, comment, add them to you reading lists… find some new insights into life, love, sex and this wild corner of the blogosphere!

And special shout-outs to two of my favorite bloggers who made the list:

1) #73 Naughty Kitty of My Secret Life

One of the nicest women in the blog world and a super-sexy writer about her adventures with life and online dating, I highly recommend her three-part series about the grad student.

2) #95 Pony Boy from Marriage in the Bedroom

A super-nice guy who stays faithful but writes about life and love and marital sex in the way that makes me so hot!  And his interaction with his commenters is worth reading as well!

Both are members of Kat’s Sexy Blog Chain which is also worth a look every month!

So when the family gets fractious and you need somewhere to go in your mind, click around and enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am so thankful for you!


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