Tuesday, November 22
6:50 am
Phil: He is ok, just having a rough time.  Still I was excited. Ah well, will put my energy into enjoying My daughter. I’m off till Tuesday which is really nice. Off to get the girl. Have a great day!
8:02 am
Good morning! Chilly 34 but sweet sun. Have a terrific Tuesday!
2:22 pm
Hey, kid. Thinking of you… I’ll pray for your son that better days are coming. If there is more I could do for him, you know you just have to ask. I am hoping you connected with your daughter easily. Big doings!
8:33 pm
Phil: He’ll be ok.  I made roasted Chili relenos for supper. Spicy and healthy. Mexican green rice with peppers, cilantro, line zest, and spinach, ooh man!
9:51 pm
Sounds like a great evening! Love it when you post photos of three of the four things I want to see. 🙂

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