Mr. Winter

Year 2 – Week 14
Thursday, November 17, 2011

Phil: 26 degrees.  Invigorating! Football tonight! The week is winding down and the kids are coming soon.  Can’t wait! Took the entire time off.  I miss the little shits. I believe Mr. Winter is trying to kick the door down. Sticking to flip flops and shorts. Screw him. Have a great day!

Hiya.  How’s your day?  It’s warmer, 50s, but raining.  Ick.  Did payroll from home, not fun.  Great Chinese lunch w/ project people.  Tonight’s a big project event, should be fun.  Hope the football teams show up tonight!

Did you skip going away? 

Record crowd! Woot!

Home after another wonderful night!  Sleep well, sweet man.

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