Monday, November 14, 2011

Good morning!  65 and beautiful here!  Hope you’re having a great Monday. 

Phil: Been a busy Monday. Just finished up in the gym, got one of the pooches to end my day. Some situps and pushups and then I am off to cook. I can cook my ass off, also taught by Mom. Eye balling a rack of lamb to try. I have not made that but I think I can do it justice. Hope your day is good. 

Football tonight.  Have I mentioned that I can not stand the New England Patriots? I hope we have the opportunity to knock them out of the playoffs this year. Ah well, friggin Boston teams. I like the Bruins, Celtics and have respect for the Red Sox but I hate the friggin Pats!

Hiya, kid.  My goodness you were Mr. Busy!  Cool!  I don’t know which is hotter – talk of cleaning or cooking?  Both ROCK!    So wish I could help you and enjoy the fruits of your labors!  My grandmother used to make lamb a lot, had this recipe where she tucked slices of garlic under the skin… yum.  

I want to point out that I am not personally responsible for the conduct of a certain football team.    

Quiet day in the office.  Then chaired a special project meeting. Seven of us went out for supper.  I had nice salad, chicken chorizo broccoli pasta special.  Awful service, mediocre food but good folks.  Yay.

Ah, you make me smile.  Nice way to end my day.  Sweet dreams, kid.

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