Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Big news!  I’m going to Philadelphia on Friday!  A co-worker and his wife are driving and offered me a ride.  So I don’t have to fly or drive!  I can see my best pal from college.  Woot!  So excited to get away! 

7:50am Phil
Cool! Have a blast! I am going away in a couple weeks.  Always a good time! 

Never been to Cairo. Been to Luxor, Alexandria, and Hurghada. All fabulous. Crisp, windy day today! Perfect! Have a good one.

Good morning! Chilly 39 but gorgeous sun on the orange trees in the lot.  Yay autumn!
Don’t you need to pop down to Philly this weekend?  ;o
I remember you last year on your trip – fuzzy and searching for your pants!

8:22am Phil 
LOL, I’ll try not to go there this time. My friend lives there and that happens after spending time at his place.

Awww, what the heck?!  Lost pants once a year is not so bad… 🙂 

I spent the morning working on the holiday party for the office.  The holidays are coming!  Eek! 

Never heard of Hurghada… the beach looks amazing.  I love learning about new places!  Thanks!  Sis did Egypt… amazing photos. 

Headed out to the dentist for the 2nd half of the deep scaling.  I am going to have the cleanest mouth in the world!  Rah. 

6:43pm Phil
Spent about 45 days there during Desert Storm.  Fabulous diving and snorkeling, amazing food and spectacular resorts.  It was all very reasonable as well. It’s one of the top diving destinations in the world.

What sort of food?  Do you scuba?

6:48pm Phil
Seafood mostly. I snorkel.  My ears don’t take the pressure much deeper than 20 feet and I can go that far with a snorkel.

Just had thai for dinner…soup felt good on my poor mouth. 
Still in the office?

6:50pm Phil
Oh yeah, heading to a big event in a few. Be long after midnight before I get home today.

Oh, those events look like such fun! You all decked out?

Have a grand time!

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