Snowy night

Saturday, October 29, 2011
9:01am Phil
Had the zupa. It was ok. Hopping little place but there are much better places. Was not real Italian.  Seasoning was wrong. Too much time in Little Italy and Italy itself I guess. Glad your evening was fun. Cup of coffee and off to the gym for me.

Good morning.  Lazy.  Still in bed. Wishing you were here.  Hope you have a good sweat.  And a great day!

Drinking a Bloody Mary and eating a divine Irish breakfast, thanks to our pal from CT.  

Sis drove home to NY in the snow for her h.s. Reunion! They had supper @ Jack’s. Wish I was there!

It’s snowing! At least a month earlier than usual.  Governor declared a state of emergency.  Luckily, we’re not supposed to be anywhere tonight!   

So where are you? I hope you’re having fun. I wish you were here. So I could put my hands on you. And my mouth on you. And see you smile. And you could put your hands on me…. *sigh* We would light up this snowy night.
11:26 pm
Sweet dreams, kid.

1:23am Phil
Great halloween party – Good food, good drinks, good friends. Fun night.

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