Anniversary leak

Friday, October 28

8:28am Phil
You doing ok Sass? Hope it’s a better day today.

Good morning!  Frickin cold…was 35 when I woke up!  Hope your Friday is sailing along.
Sorry to worry you. I’m okay.  Hit a bump on my anniversary.  Thought too much about the idiocy of celebrating with a man who won’t touch me or let me touch him. *sigh  I try not to notice but sometimes…

Sorry to be a downer.  I try not to talk about this.  Not your problem.  Not fun.  Sorry it leaked out.

Thanks for trying to help.  You are so sweet to me!  None of those reasons not to marry you sound bad. 
12:50pm Phil
Sorry to hear that. Foolish man in my opinion. Getting cooler here too.  About to have left overs lunch from last night.  Still a ton of food left. Off to a very nice place to celebrate my friend’s birthday this evening.  Halloween party tomorrow night and a chili cook-off Sunday. All good.  Got to find a store that sells ham shanks.  hard to find sometimes but I think I know a place. Hope your day is good.

Wow!  You have so much fun!  I’m at home today.  Stayed up too late watching an amazing baseball game. 
Hope this doesn’t gross you out too much, but my silly brain is stuck on a vision of us standing on a beach, with a minister, you in a flowery shirt, me telling everyone how much I love you.  And living our own lives all day and then you coming home and touching me sometimes… and letting me touch you in the shower.  Or seeing you smile when I do things to make your life easier.  My problem.  Sucking it up, as you say.  But the visions are nice… let me escape for a few minutes here and there when my reality gets too real.

Our pal is coming in from CT to see Hubby’s project, so I’ll be there tonight.  She’ll treat us to brunch tomorrow… hoping for a taste of Bloody Mary and bacon! 

Dig this – a slideshow of interesting Bloody Mary options.

Found a photo to go with an old story.  Emailing. Open only if alone.   


From: Sassy Girl 
Subject: Addendum to The Desk story
Date: October 28, 2011 2:10:55 PM EDT
To: Philip 
Where the rest of the desk story might go.
Something about his hands… and his cock, of course.  🙂

Is this the dinner place?   (URL for restaurant)
Phil: Nice 🙂

What do you order at an Italian place?  The Zuppa de Pesce looks yummy on the seafood side.  Makes me want carbonara…

Is that sort of what it looks like?  I never get to see it from that angle, of course…

4:57pm Phil
It is.  🙂 
 just had marinated pork kabobs off the grill brushed with flaming hot sauce. Amazing.
Not sure yet. I like the veal, also love liguini and white clam sauce, calamari, hood crusty bread and a hearty red wine. Fabuloso

Wow… pork sounds amazing!  Headed out to the project event.  Enjoy!
P.S.  I love you. 

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