Five reasons

Year 2 – Week 11

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good morning! 45 rain. Cats very cuddly. Might have to turn on heat.  Have a great Thursday Philip!!
9:02am Phil
Octoberfest! Cool! Nothing like good schnitzel except maybe schweinhaxen cooked in beer. Cold and wet here too. Party tonight and then non stop till Monday. Have a great day. Gonna be in the 30s tonight! Brrrrr

I’ve never heard of schweinhaxe… had to google that!  I’ll look for it.  Sounds yummy.  Have you ever made it? 

Not that it’s an option, but can you tell me five reasons why I would not want to be your wife?  It seems like a great idea after yesterday and I need something to make me stop thinking that way!  Help a girl out?  Thanks!

11:03pm Phil
I am married,
I have an obnoxious work ethic, 
I’m bullheaded,
I am very opinionated,  
I could care less about money, help? 

I have had schweinhaxen many times. Always incredible. Going to make it myself, braised in beer

11:09pm Phil
Bad night?

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