Saturday, October 22


Good morning!

12:02pm Phil
Morning. Been to the gym and now heading to the kids Halloween party, party tonight and hopefully a stop at the Highwood pumpkin fest!

Heard a new phrase re: bullying.  Be an upstander – not a bystander.  Don’t stand by, stand up and say something.  Have you heard that?  Might be good tag line?

My sister took us out for a delicious Argentinian dinner last night at Tango.  Yummy pork chops!  


Mom heard about my trip to Singing Beach yesterday and decided she wanted to go!  So we had an adventure today with lunch in Manchester by the sea and then a drive around.  The restaurant looked fancy online but turned out to be a bar by the train station!  Not my mom’s sort of place, but the chowder was yummy!  

Classic clam chowder at Nicholas Seafood, Manchester by the sea

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