Singing Beach

Friday, October 21

Good morning! 54 sun, mid 60s.  Yay!  I’m off work.  Yay!  Hope your Friday rolls!

9:57am Phil
Enjoy the day. Have a dinner party this evening to bid farewell to one of our neighbors.  Ready to strangle my assistant and it’s only 9:00.  Woman drives me up a tree. Have a great day!

Amazing beach day!  Found a new beach!  Lobster!  Off to see Hubby’s latest project.  WEEKEND!  Have a great one, kid. 
Manchester by the sea inner harbor

The harbor in Manchester by the sea

Singing Beach, Manchester by the sea

Singing Beach


Boston 30 miles away

A bizarre house under construction in Magnolia

 The Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial

The Gloucester Fisherman

Gloucester Harbor

Tablets with hundreds of names (over 3,500) of fishermen lost at sea

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