Weighty matters

Year 2 Week 10
Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good morning!  55 rain.  Yesterday got weirder… a fire in our building! So we couldn’t get back w/ our supplies.  I begged the A/V guys to let me store stuff in their office.  But no one at the reception had a clue.  Boss said he thought it was the smoothest one ever.  Hee!  

My annual physical is this afternoon, hope I’ve bounced back!!  Feeling fabulous!  Have a great Thursday!

Hiya, kid.  Love the new profile photo!  It’s been on my desktop since July, makes me smile.  Figures you’d pick my fave.  I made a cropped version w/ just you -if you’d like that better I can email it later.  You said very sexy sweet things to me that night… probably don’t remember – you were TIPSY! 

12:22pm Phil
Just needed a change and had a blast that evening. That photo was at Jimmy’s Charhouse after rounds of lamb chops, liver and onions and ouzo.

Mmm… makes me want Greek food!  

2:28pm Phil
Jimmy’s is amazing! I am trying to moderate how much of that stuff I eat though.  Down ten pounds with a goal of 40 more. Amazing what you can do when you pay attention.  We do a lot of 5 and 10k races here and my knees have not allowed me to participate.  Dr feels if I was that much lighter, I will be able to run so I’m on it. At about 210, I am very lean and lanky and I like that look better so here we go. Been grilling salmon and tuna and chicken and completely cut out carbs and sugars except for what goes into wine and scotch of course. I know I can drop 20 just by being focused but the rest will be a challenge. Be nice to wear those 34 inch waist pants again. Hoo Ya!
I love you no matter what you weigh, but if you have this goal, I’ll want to help however I can!  What can I do to help?  My best success comes with making it a numbers game. I can eat 1,200-1,500 cal per day to lose weight, and plan out what adds to that.  200 breakfast, 300-400 lunch and stay under 1k for supper, and know regular stuff that adds to that.  And drink lots of water.  If you were here, I’d have some special exercise suggestions. 😉

4:35p Phil
LOL.  I feel better lighter. At 210, I’m not much bigger than I was in high school and I can do so much more. More endurance, more agile, and it’s better for me. Problem is I’m already a ball of energy and it gets worse. I turn into the energizer bunny and drive everyone nuts cause I just never wind down.  I like it. I maintain a fairly tight diet and schedule. Lots of fruit and vegetables, limited carbs and fat and the weight just falls off.

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