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Welcome to another addition of the strangely popular “Sassy Answers” where I answer a question from one of my fabulous readers!

Q.  Do you ever screw up electronically?

A.  Ayup.

Many philanderers and bloggers do not want anyone to know any personal details that people usually share in the “real word” such as name, work, home, etc..   I try very hard never to share anything that would allow people to Google me.  I hear about whopping mistakes that people make that give away their identity

  • using their real email instead of a mischief account or 
  • texting or calling from their regular or work mobile phone, or 
  • commenting on a blog from their personal name server domain or
  • signing email with their real name out of habit

There are also ways to screw up such as

  • putting a hotel charge on a credit card your spouse see the bills for, 
  • staying in bed together just a few minutes past the time your kids get home from school, 
  • forgetting to delete texts or emails or IMs, or clear browser history, or 
  • attaching the wrong photo to an email. 
See my post about secret cheating to avoid many of these pitfalls. 

I have not done most of those.  By and large, I’ve learned from others, been careful or lucky.  And having a husband who is in the know lowers my risk a lot, since I don’t have to worry about forgetting to delete stuff from my computer.  But I still manage to hit the wrong button now and then, mostly out of habit. 

Here is my tally of goofs: 

Posted a message about a favorite memory of visiting Red Rocks Amphitheater to Philip’s FB wall instead of a private message (he deleted it quickly).  This is the only mistake Philip ever saw.
Emailed my gal pal a photo of Philip’s “equipment” instead of forwarding it to my email (she thought it was funny and that he is gorgeous!)
Texted Hubby instead of Philip – nothing salacious, just “how’s the party?” (he thought it was funny) 
Texted a chat room buddy from the demure lady’s phone number instead of Google Voice (he promised to delete that number?)  
Posted a topless photo to Facebook instead of texting it to Philip.  Luckily, it did not include my face!
a.  Deleted the post in 2 minutes – seen by five people who have me as close friends (so FB emailed the photo to them).  All but Hubby and my sister thought my account had been hacked and wrote to tell me.  Argh!
b. Forgot that deleting a FB post doesn’t get the photo out of the FB Mobile uploads file!  Deleted it two days later when Hubby went to look at my lunch photos and texted me.  Bless him.  A mutual friend mentioned it to my sister at a party.  Who else saw it?  Argh!  
Other bloggers have trouble with Facebook as well.  Go read about Kat’s “reply all” escapade in Prowling With Kat.

When I look back at all the messages, texts and emails to Philip, various bloggers and chat room pals, it is incredible that I haven’t goofed up more!  When I did, thank goodness it didn’t contain something worse!  And that the people I am talking to are good people.  So far. 

I am trying very hard to take deep breaths, be more careful, and double check before sending anything to make sure it’s going to the intended party over the right channel.  A few extra seconds can save a lot of trouble.  Perhaps this post will get you to do the same before you mess up!

If there are other ways you’ve screwed up that you want to warn people about, comment!  Help save us from goofing up!

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  1. I think most cheaters have a story (or stories!) about screwing up royally. I know I do! Fortunately, I’ve been able to get away with my errors (or at least I *think* I have!).

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