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Wednesday, October 19

Good morning!  57 rain.  Argh.  Off to get cheese/crackers for a reception.  Rain makes the entire day tougher.  Bleh.  Whine!  Hope your day stays quiet.

You wooda had fun w/us last night – fresh salad, yum pizza, great beers, bowling and interesting people raising money for a good cause.  And me!  Felt like your sort of night.  Missed you more than usual.  But it set off great scenarios!

8:12am Phil
Morning! Looks to be a nice quiet day. Spent time last night talking to a very good friend who is new here and is struggling with the whole fishbowl thing. Told him it comes with the job. You just have to try to make the right decision for the right reason and err on the side of the subordinates. Everyone is always going to second guess every decision and they will watch what you do and say.  The hours are long but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. This is an incredibly rewarding job on a personal level if you do it right. You put your all into it and you have the chance to improve things and people. I know I make an impact every single day and I carry the fact that my decisions may sometimes change the course of people’s lives in good or bad ways. It ain’t always easy but you signed up for the job, now you have to suck it up and quit feeling sorry for your self. Hope I was able to help a little. Have a great day, enjoy the cheese and crackers!

Ah, the fishbowl.  Been there, done that.  You are such a great military man.  And good man.  And a good friend.  I am so proud to know you!  

Been a wild morning… pouring rain to roll all our supplies to the hall, assistant called out sick (I’m suspicious), lost the check meant to pay for pastries, fridges at the site locked, threats of protest due to some attendees decision!  I’m pulling in reinforcements… hoping the rest will go smoothly.  Yeehaw!

Hey, they just dedicated this game of the world series to the military!  That’s you! 

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