Long Weekend Plans

Friday, October 7, 2011

Good morning! Chilly 46 sun.  Hugs to you.  Hope today flies by and we get to the weekend!

8:11am Phil
Good morning! Nice day. Costume party this evening, party tomorrow night and football on Sunday. Whoo Hooo!

Are you wearing a costume?  Oh, sorry about the Yankees.  Welcome to the back bench watching the play-offs!  Who are we supposed to root for now? 

3:03pm Phil
Yup, Going as a sports fan! Yankees let me down.

Quiet afternoon? 

3:49pm Phil
Not bad actually

I don’t know if it’s the holiday weekend Friday thing, or maybe the work nutties are over, but it is quiet here at last.  We just had a food order delivered by mistake, so we’re tucking into quesadillas, chips, salsa and hummus for free!

4:09pm Phil
That’s always a good thing.  We have a free pig roast going on in a couple. looking forward to that as well. Then beers with the bigwigs. Tomorrow’s neighborhood party. Going to be a lot of happy people tomorrow. People bring food and it’s always amazing stuff. Going to be fun.  Fancy ball next weekend.  Black Tie affair with the Gary Sinese band playing and Bob Costa as the guest speaker. Also free! Tickets are going for $300 for the public.  Another great deal! Another formal dance is the night before, also a black tie event. Busy busy!

Holy cow!  You get to do the coolest stuff!

4:16pm Phil
I try.

I’m going to a party for a cat tonight.  He was chosen to be a in calendar for a shelter, so his owner invited us over for drinks to get his autograph on the calendar. 
It’s supposed to be in the 80’s this weekend… trying to figure out how to get to the beach at some point. 

4:23pm Phil
Indian Summer here too.  Taking max advantage. Going to a car show this evening.  These are cars built of cardboard and duct tape. They have to seat at least one person and all have to be fully painted. Should be fun.

The chop house was the best meal I have had in Illinois. Unbelievable. Everything was perfect.  Even had $3 Stella Artois. My steak was perfect, the potatoes unreal and the perpercorn sauce finger licking good. My plate looked like the cat licked it clean. Huge salad. Key Lime pie for dessert!

ooh… that sounds delicious! 
Did you see that iHeartRadio is posting every song you listen to on your FB wall? 
Didn’t know if you wanted that or not…

7:22pm Phil
Don’t care
8:01 pm 


French kiss

A wet finger
Home from all the catting around. Sweet dreams, kid. 

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