Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good morning to you.  57 sun.  Thinking of D.C. this week last   year – great food, old friends… have a wonderful Wednesday!

8:11am Phil
Good morning, cool crisp morning. Hot coffee, it’s a good day. Going to see Wishful Drinking tonight down town.  1st show I have seen here. Free tickets! Could not pass that up! DC was fun, we sure ate well while we were there.  Did we do lunch at the O club?

Yay for hot joe and a crisp start and free tix!  You’re triple blessed.  Yes, we ate that amazing buffet and the waiter tried to con you out of your watch.  And you talked about your dogs and the neighbor cat!

Headed out for German food and wishing you could go along… have a great evening with Carrie Fisher!  
Olde Magoun’s Saloon 

           September 7th – October 26th, 5-11pm

           JAGERSCHNITZEL – 13.95 Pork cutlet mushroom gravy spatzle cider glazed cabbage 

          HOUSE SAUSAGE PLATE – 13.95 Bratwurst Knockwurst Weisswurst sauerkraut warm German potato salad 

          SAUERBRATEN – 13.95 Sweet & sour marinated pot roast cider glazed cabbage po…
How was dinner? The show? Hope you had a grand night out.

11:58pm Phil
Great meal and the show was a hoot!
I looked at snippets on HBO’s site… and giggled.
Did you eat a steak?

We had wursts, sauerbraten, and jagerschnitzel! with spaetzel and picked cabbage, and potato salad… the whole “neun” yards. Soooo delicious!

wursts in sauerkraut, mustards, potato salad and a pretzel!

12:20am Phil

Ooh, fabulous. I did have the steak, wonderful!

They gave us mustards and something they called “German ketchup” but it tasted like Indian curry… yum.

They had 8 special Oktoberfest beers, were handing out samples… quite a night!
Did you drive or train it?

You heard about Steve Jobs death? My FB newsfeed is full of tributes. The best one was “iSad.”  Sleep time for Sass! Sleep well, sweet man.

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