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Sunday, September 25
8:43 am Good morning!  72 clouds and quiet.  Happy football!

9:08 am Phil: Thank you.  Patriot loss, my team wins = happy football
10:42 am Go Unitas!
10:52 am Almost ready for the Arlington Gardens tour with Mom.  🙂
[photo of me naked from the waist up with a fancy necklace]
12:03 pm Phil: wow! Wasn’t expecting that!  Yum.

4:47 Saw so many homes and gardens!  Here are 3 of the 37 photos I took at 10 homes… spectacular!  

Passion fruit flower

Lush back yard garden hidden on a random residential street

Gorgeous dahlia

You okay?  Weird day on the NFL front…

10:25pm Phil
Bummed but that’s football.

I hear that.

Sweet dreams, kid. 

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