German Coincidence

Saturday, September 17
5:13 pm Found the secret beach.

7:05 pm Locals said it looked like a bomb went off after Hurricane Irene, but it was still gorgeous!  10 mi from Evelyn’s.  Completely secret – no signs at all.
7:35 pm Phil: Cool!  What brought you back down there?  Just sight seeing?
7:49 pm We tried Redlefsen’s!  Wish I could give you a taste of the sauerbraten!  So good I forgot to take a photo!

Traditional Wiener Schnitzel

Clam chowder

NY Strip Sirloin for Hubby

6:56 pm Phil: Looks nice. 🙂 
7:51 pm Phil: My German dinner, yum.
[photo of him with a dinner plate with wiener schnitzel, pork loin and wurst]

8:07 pm I can’t believe we’re both having German food! 

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