Visit #3 Heading home

Thursday, September 15
10:56 am Heading out.  Thank you for a lovely time.  Have fun today!
11:27 am Phil: Drive carefully.  Thank you, we will.  🙂
11:28 am Phil: Had fun with you.  Would have enjoyed Bristol.  Next time!
12:11 pm Home.  Easy, fast trip.  Hope same for you!
12:12 pm Bristol next time!  Come back soon, please.   🙂
12:17 pm Oh!  The capitol of Sweden is Stockholm.  🙂
12:22 pm  Phil: Yup.  Drove by Evelyns.  Had a great time there.
12:53 That sunset was idyllic.  Maybe we’ll find the beach next time.  It’s not on google maps but the road is…
12:54 pm Are they taking you out to lunch?
1:14 pm Phil: Nope, gonna grab a samich
1:15 pm All unpacked, headed out for lunch!
1:16 pm Just wanted to be sure I didn’t screw up and hit the same restaurant.  🙂
1:53 pm We’re going for Chinese.
10:04 pm Phil: [photo of the lunch spot he found] Cool little place
11:10 pm Nifty!  What did you eat?
11:13 pm Phil: had the BLT and a canoli
11:17 pm Yum.  You make me smile.  🙂
11:17 pm You at the hotel?
11:20 pm Phil: Packed, tucked in and ready for sleep.  Great day, good food, now tired.  Up at 3:30 to head to the airport.

11:21 pm Sweet dreams, kid.
11:22 pm  Phil: Thank you.  Posted a lot of pics.  Fun day.
11:22 pm They were fabulous!
11:23 pm So bizarre to have you so close… How was the traffic?
11:24 pm Phil: Sucked going back
11:29 pm This first night away from you is tough, had such a great time, so fun, so comfortable… but looking at photos and smiling!  You should sleep.  Safe travels!
11:30 pm Phil:  Nite, thank you.

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