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Wednesday, September 14
1:20 pm Quito’s in Bristol is stunning… Lobster scampi for $16 w/ an incredible harbor view.
1:47 pm Lobster scampi @ Quito’s
[photo of the dish]

1:56 pm Stuffed clam and the best chowder ever @ Quito’s.  Yum.

1:58 pm Phil: Well shit
1:58 pm Phil: Made the wrong call
1:59 pm Phil: I liked Evelyn’s too though but it was very over priced
2:01 pm The sunset was worth it… 🙂 🙂
2:01 pm no… I think they both have their plusses
2:02 pm view from the Bristol bridge is stunning, can see like 50 miles in all directions!
2:04 pm Quito’s is one of those places I want to bring everyone I know the next sunny day…
2:05 pm thanks for getting me here… will try to get pix.
2:07 pm Have you been on a jet ski?  Lotsa cute men out here having fun on them.
7:50 pm Anthony’s Seafood [photo of the display area]

7:51 pm Phil: Many times.  Jet skis are a blast.
7:52 pm Phil: Where the heck is that?
7:52 pm Folksy spot, wicked cheap – got cup chowder, clam cakes and spicy stuffy for $8.95!
7:53 pm Easy drive from the hotel
7:54 pm saw a thai place, a Japanese steak place… Amazing what hides on the back roads here
7:54 pm You having fun?
7:56 pm [photo] 2 lobster special $22.  Wow!  We could share two at that price!

8:14 pm [Photo] Clam cakes, spicy stuffy w/ chorizo, clam chowder – note the spoon standing straight up! $8.95 may be my best deal of the year!

8:23 pm Damn I wish you were here to taste the spicy stuffy – it’s fierce!

8:35 pm You find good cheap food, girl!  Heading back.  See you soon.

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