Blog Chain Fun: Back to School

Hello Readers!

It’s time for a brief break from Phil & Sassy Saga for the fourth round of Prowling With Kat‘s Blog Chain, a fun monthly exercise in posting on the same topic with a bunch of sexy bloggers.  

Hope these Back to School days are treating you well!  In that same vein, we were asked to post about “Back to school or the one that got away/old flame.” This was tough for me, as my entire blog is about an old flame burning bright again!  But I did remember one silly boy who never asked me out…

Please go read about the seven smoking hot entries of this month’s Blog Chain!  Marvel at bloggers taking off in different directions from the same starting point!  Leave comments!   Find new blogs to read!  Enjoy! 

If you missed the last three month’s entries, pop over to the blog chain posts in 

Many thanks to Kat and Ryan from The Ashley Madison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad for their work on this project!  Be sure to read their blogs!  You’ll be glad you did.  Consider adding them and all the chain bloggers to your blog roll so you won’t miss a post.  

BLOGGERS!  Please join in with your own sexy entry next month when the topic is hot sex with the spouse!  (uh oh… I don’t know if I can remember far back enough to write about THAT?!) Kat makes hopping on the blog chain gang easy and fun.  Here’s how it worksThere will be a new topic each month!  


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