Visit #3 Sex for Dessert

September 14, 2011 (continued) 

I drove back to the hotel.  Philip went to get a drink from the bar.  I texted my husband to let him know I was staying another night. 
He put on an oldies Pandora station on his phone – Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, John Denver, Everly Brothers.  We cuddled, sang along and kissed for a while, then I knelt at his side, played with him with my hand and my mouth.  I worked my magic, twisting him, licking him, sucking him deep down my throat.   He moaned, squirmed and shook, then came again in my mouth!  I swallowed it all, like a good girl.  Man, I adore listening to a man react to what I am doing.  When he could speak again, he told me he could get used to that; it was amazing to do it two nights in a row when he’d never had a blow job before he found me. 

He put his cock between my tits and closed them around it.  I kissed it as he moved back and forth.  He had the most amazing smile on his face!  He put his fingers inside me, going deep, pressing up toward my navel – I was thrashing and moaning, begging him – he made me cum!   

He rolled me onto my side and worked his very hard cock inside me from behind, lifting my leg over his hip.  He could get very deep in this position.  I was kind of sore but told him to keep going.  Mmmm…. he was being a little leisurely so I decided to rev him up with some dirty talk.  I sucked on his finger and told him I wanted him to fuck me hard.  He pulled out and slapped my ass!

He rolled me onto my back and held my heels on his shoulders.  I adore feeling him fill me, slapping against me as he moves in and out.  He pulled all the way and dove back in again, over and over.  He came again… and I had one of those endless orgasms, shaking beside him long after he had finished and was cuddling me.  My insides would not stop clenching and pulsing!  He held onto me awhile, gently biting my neck and kissing my shoulder, then fell asleep.  I listened to him breathe and pondered how lucky I was. 
I got up and surfed the net, talked to my sister on IM.  I got to bed a little after midnight.

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