Visit #3 The foot rub

Tuesday, September 13 (continued) 

I went back to the hotel to stash the food in the fridge.  I checked work email, chatted with several pals online.  My cousin called to tell me she had connected with Mom!  They were giggling in the car, trying to figure out how to get out of the parking lot.  I took a nap from 3-5 pm.  I got dressed in my black dress with white polka dots and the black silky blazer. 

Philip rolled in about 5:15 pm.  He changed clothes (he wants to get out of the uniform asap!) into worn jeans and a dress shirt that he didn’t tuck in, and flip flops.  He gave me a long hug and kiss.  I pointed him to the snacks in the little fridge.  He nibbled on the olives I’d gotten for him.  He flumped in the chair and I sat on edge of the bed.  I took off the flip flops, put his feet on my lap and rubbed them while he talked.  (He told me when we first starting talking on the phone that all he wants when he gets home after a long day is a few snacks, time to relax and someone to rub his feet.  And that it never happens.  So I made it happen today!)  

He was astonished that I had gone out on my own, and remembered about the snacks.  He wanted to know where I got the food, and said how great it was that I got what he likes.  He asked when I wanted to go out for supper.  I said whenever you’re ready.  I adored listening to him talk about his work and getting to touch him.  I feel so comfortable.  He is great storyteller and has very sexy feet! 

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