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Tuesday, September 13, 2011
My alarm went off just before 7 am so I could get up and give myself the shot in the belly to prevent blood clots, the remnant of my ICU weekend in March.  I didn’t want him to see me mess with that.  Four more days to go and I am done with that torture! 

I went back to bed.  He stirred about 7:15 am and jumped into the shower.  I waited a couple of minutes, then went in there, hoping he would wash my back.  But he went on with his business.  When he opened the curtain, I hugged him and kissed him.  He balked, saying “You’ll get wet!” I replied, “I’m about to get a lot wetter,” but he stepped out and was gone.  I took a quick shower myself.  He was throwing on his uniform when I got out.  Damn, he looks so handsome!  I kissed him again, but he was all business.  So I sprawled naked on the bed and chatted as he got ready.  He told me his wife never lets him see her naked, and I like being different from her!  

He showed me where he left the room key.  He took off about 7:30 am, giving me a long kiss.  I started to dress.  He popped back in to get his Blackberry and gave me another long kiss, squeezing my left breast and my ass.  Man, that guy can kiss!  It makes my insides churn!
I got dressed and worked on my computer, catching up with work emails.  I told them I had a family emergency and wouldn’t be in and wasn’t sure when I’d be back!  I went downstairs to the lobby at 9 am to have breakfast – two eggs over easy on whole grain toast, home fries and bacon!  Washed down with an iced chai latte.  I adore it that these hotels have Starbucks in the lobby!  I sat and watched “Family Feud” on TV, chatting with a pal on Google chat.  She was astonished that I had flitted off to meet Philip with no advanced notice.  
I went out to the grocery store – I had forgotten a few things in the packing frenzy.  I also got a few olives, pretzel crackers, two cheeses (Havarti with jalapeno and Swiss) and watermelon cubes to make a snack platter for later.  My sister called and we chatted while I shopped.  I also got a lobster roll and chips for lunch.  Mom called me from the plane!  She’s on her way to NC.  It’s the first time she’s flown alone.
I went to the mall across the street.  I hate shopping but I had two certificates to use and both stores were there!  I popped in to Petsmart to get catnip treats for my kitties, then on to Barnes & Noble.  I called Hubby to figure out which Laurie King book he wanted.  I got two of hers and a Holmes/Teddy Roosevelt story.  I also found a fun book called “The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex.”  Heh.  Not that I’ll read it, but it will be fun to leave out on the table in the room!  

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