Visit #3 Come now!

[this is part 2 of my account of Visit #3 – you can find part 1 here:]

Monday, September 12, 2011 (continued) 

9:58pm Phil
Sitting here naked watching the game
Stop saying things like that or I will get in my car now. 
And knock on your door.
And kneel at your feet. 
And do what you tell me to do.

10:01pm Phil
Sitting here stroking my cock

Tell me why I shouldn’t get in my car.

10:03pm Phil
if you do that, you are liable to end up with a mouth full of cock

I said tell me why not… not something that makes me do it! 

10:07pm Phil
You might get cum in your mouth

I’m serious… I can be there in just over an hour…

10:11 pm TEXT Phil: You might have to swallow this
[photo of his erect cock in his hand]

10:12pm Phil
i’m serious, you’ll end up with cum in your mouth

I’m going to put my hands and my mouth and my massager on you…

10:13pm Phil
oh hell yeah

10:14 pm TEXT: Mmmmmmm….

I have peanut M&Ms

10:15pm Phil
tasting pre cum, mmmmmm

10:15 pm TEXT Phil: So you knew my cock is really in my hand
10:17 pm TEXT stop that.  Wait for me.
10:17 pm TEXT Phil: Hurry up

I’m gonna leave now…
See you soon…

10:31pm Phil
Stepping into the shower

Here.  On my way in.

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