Visit #3 Tuesday Plan

Monday, September 12
8:01 am
Good morning! 63 and sunny. Happy Monday, Philip.
8:31 am Phil
Happy Monday!
12:02 pm Phil
Getting on the plane, heading your way. 
There’s an unsuspecting Lobster in my future
12:20 pm 
Hooray! Eager to hear the plan.

12:21 pm Phil
Plan? I got no plan.
12:21 pm
So I can come down there tonight and stay all week?
1:08 pm Phil 
I have to look at the sked. Busy tonight. Meetings all day.  Dinners Wed, Thursday, some fancy places.  They are keeping us busy. I just want to watch the game tonight. 
1:10 pm  
Ah, so there is a plan!  Just let me know, whatever. I’ll fill in.
1:45 pm 
So it looks like Tuesday for me?
4:12 pm Phil
Here in Lobster Land
Ready for a beer
4:34 pm

4:45 pm   
So you want to decimate some lobsters with me tomorrow night?
6:36 pm Phil
Sounds like a plan. Now we need to fill it in a bit like where and when
About to head out 
8:10 pm Phil       
Had amazing dinner

8:28 pm Phil
Where we going?

8:45 pm Phil
You are the local, come on girl
9:20 pm 
Sorry…hung up at dinner. We can meet at the Courtyard by Marriott
9:21 pm 
It’s close to your conference. 
I’ll text you a room#. Remind me of your phone number and what time you’ll be there.
9:28 pm 
From there to dinner? There were 3 places I thought looked good but if you hear of something better, I’m flexible.
 9:43 pm         

          welcome to quito’s restaurant specializing in seafood 
          prepared Italian style.

The German place 
         Evelyn’s has been serving local favorites for over 40 years! We strive for a clean, comfortable and relaxed family atmosphere where the food and our guests are our priority.

9:28 pm Phil
I am staying at that Marriott
Rm #xxx

9:49 pm 
That’s totally bizarre.
9:50 pm Phil
here’s my phone #xxx-xxx-xxxx

9:56 pm Phil
Why is that?

9:56 pm
What time should I be there?
9:57 pm Phil
I suspect we will done by 6:30 pm 

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