The speech

Sunday, September 11

8:16 am 
Good morning! Another beautiful cool one. Hope you have an easy day.
8:57 am Phil
Giving a 9/11 speech and then it’s football! Go Team!
9:29 am   
Did you write out the speech? If it’s okay to send it, I would like to read it.
9:33 am
Busy day – brunch w/ pal, one last event, clean up, party. Whee!

10:27 am Phil [EMAIL from his work account]
I did write it.  Hope it goes over okay.  [with the speech attached]

10:37 am [replied to his email]

Thank you very much for sharing this.  It moved me.  
Once again, I am so glad you are the one in that chair doing that job.  Thank you, Philip, for all you do for this great country and peace in our world. 

1:33 pm 
Had brunch on a ship. 🙂

Fried Shrimp dinner @ Mt Vernon at The Ship

3:47 pm Phil
Speech went well. Sent it to you

4:25 pm Phil [EMAIL from his work account]
Why thank you, thank you very much. 🙂

4:27 pm
Awesome! Another huge crowd, perfect afternoon. Enjoy the football!
7:37 pm
Event’s over – a triumph! Helping clean up, ferrying stuff to storage. Be sure to go out and look at the moon; it’s gorgeous tonight!  <3
11:50 pm Phil
My team won! won!  won!!!!

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