Five Guys

Tuesday, August 30

Good morning! 63 beautiful.  Ready to welcome the Yankees to Fenway tonight!  Have a trouble-free Tuesday!

9:30am Phil
Going to ride roller coasters! Always fun!
Lets go Yankees!
Gorgeous day!  Hope you had same.  So you never said what you want if the Yankees win the A.L. East… bet still on?  I was thinking maybe you in Red Sox attire on FB but maybe you have a better idea.

Tried Five Guys burgers and fries for the first time.  They just opened here.  It’s tasty but expensive.  

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3 thoughts on “Five Guys”

  1. OMG, 5 Guys is to die for – I love it. A very guilty pleasure. The prices may seem high but you get like 10 pounds of fried potatoes in your sack and all the free peanuts you can eat.

    Everybody likes free nuts, right!

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