Hurricane Irene

Sunday, August 28

Breakfast at Kitchen Cravings again!  Adore that place!

Lobster and eggs!  What a way to start the day!

A “Unicycle” Wheel – french toasted cinnamon swirl Danish.  Divine!

The kitsch of the Kitchen Cravings dining room

Good morning!  Heard anything from your peeps in Irene’s path?  Hope all well.  We’re headed home from NH in the rain.  Wanted to ride it out but Hubby wants to go home.  

Made it home easily. Lots of rain but nothing extraordinary.

9:29am Phil
Everything is fine. Lot of rain and wind but no damage. Thank God. Rather be prepared and have it be nothing. You all make out ok?

So glad to hear good news!  No problems so far here, at the grocery.  Worst of the storm is west of here.

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