Birds & Bees

Sunday, August 14

8:53 am 
Phil: Elliptical time. Yuck, just want coffee and the paper but got to do it. Have a 
wonderful Sunday
9:38 am 
Reading my story about us losing our virginity at camp. Thinking of you.
10:57 am
Phil: There is a FB group called “you know you lived in” our hometown. Lot of comments
on camp, church fund raisers and your dad!  Kind of fun to read through
12: 03 pm Thanks for the pointer. Such memories! And the people posting… so many 
names I know. Did you see the post about where they are now? all over the world! I also 
looked at one for the town next door, but didn’t know what they were talking about, so I 
must not be from there.  Hee!  
Nice comments about Dad – from people I don’t even know. It’s freaky to read our next 
door neighbor gal telling people I taught her the birds & the bees with Barbie & Ken! 
Eep!@ What else did you see that was good?
7:13 pm 
Phil: Cool site. Lots of old friends and memories. You taught the birds and bees? Really? 
11:01 pm Some nights I feel so close to you. My mind races with the ways we could end 
the day. Sweet dreams, kid.

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