Built-in thermometer

Thursday, August 11

Phil 7:36am  
Went to a great concert last night.  Fun show, nice way to unwind a bit. Another nice cool day.  This is nice weather!

Good morning!  66 – staying cool, love it.  Work then MGH w/E to see oncologist for final check-up.  I like her – cute little Asian lady in a Chanel suit!  It’s so great to hear about the fun things you’re doing!  Have a thuper Thursday!

6:03pm  You watching football tonight? 

Phil 6:03pm 
Oh hell yeah!
Winding down after 45 minutes on the eliptical. Busy day tomorrow, have to make a speech at a big event. Promises to be great fun.

I just got back from MGH.  Oncologist says I am ALL DONE.  No more doctors for awhile! 
Ah, nothing like a good speech! Wow! 

View of Boston’s Beacon Hill from the Yawkey Center at MGH

Phil 6:15pm  
That’s fabulous! Nice to be free of doctors for awhile.

6:18pm  Wish you were here to help me celebrate.  
Would be fun to play a little doctor with you! 

Phil 6:24pm  
I have a built in thermometer!

Oof!  I have a fever!  Do you have the cure?
Good to see football again?
G’night. Sweet dreams, kid.

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