Visit #3 More than lobster

Sunday, August 7

9:38 am
Good morning! Raining 74, murky in that sleepy Sunday morning way. So when might this lobster decimation happen in September?

10:02 am
Phil: I believe the week of the 12th. Looking for cheap, good, fun

10:07 am
Anything else you want besides lobster?

10:13 am
Phil: Beer?  🙂 

1:05 pm
Phil: The opportunity to spend time with a lovely lady. Makes the lobster sweeter.

You are the sweetest man! You know just what to say! I’m sitting here in Panera all choked up. You make me so happy! I’m so excited to see you!

Iced green tea and a bear claw

Hope you had a great weekend. Busy two days for me.

1) guest – great talks! She’s allergic to cats, so couldn’t be at the condo, had to find other places to chat.

2) Saw pal’s new house – very spacious and fab! 2 fireplaces!

3) Booked night in NH Aug. 27, back to Lake Winnepasaukee!

4) Positively bouncy in the background thinking of a Sept. lobster dinner! YES!

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