Visit #3 Invitation

Friday, August 5

Phil: Cool. Now you get well and stay well and live life to the fullest.

Good morning! Beautiful and cool here.
Trying to decide if I should go to the beach! Have a great Friday!

Phil: every day is a good day for the beach! Go, go go
Hell, go skinny dipping!

I would if you were there.
Ooff… that’s quite an image. You, me… naked… waves… oh, man.

Phil: Ha ha ha, naughty girl

Who, me?
Both assistants called in “sick.” Have to go to the office for awhile. sigh
But hope to get out of there and see some sand later on.

Taking off to Gloucester!
Hope you have something fun planned…
So wishing you could see the ocean with me!

Standing in the sand… Pretty close to heaven!

Phil: it’s probably pretty close. I may be in New England again in September. Perhaps you would treat me to a lobsta?

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