Thursday, August 4

Thursday thought

7:40 am
Good morning! 66 sunny cool gorgeous!
Headed to zap #33. By 8:30 am I should be ALL DONE WITH TREATMENT!
Hope your Thursday rocks!

7:56 am
Phil: Had a great day yesterday. Played golf, had a gang over for dinner and it was just a nice day. Glad you are going to be ALL Done. That’s very cool! Have a great day!

2:06 pm
So glad you had a nice day!  I’m doing the happy dance! I’m done! They gave me a certificate and a pin. Heh. Skin still has to heal, but glorying in not going to MGH tomorrow. YAY!

Phil: Awesome!

Celebration supper with the family and pal – Greek food! It is slowly starting to sink in that I am really done. Now what?

Wish we could celebrate. Ah, someday!  Sleep well, sweet man.

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