Tuesday, August 2

7:27 am 
Good morning! 75 and beautiful. Off to zap #31 and doc chat, then work. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!
7:51 am Phil
You too! So far, so good but off to an early start with a 7:30 finish tonight. 
Yesterday did not end till nearly 10. It’s been hot as hell here. I did go for a 20 mile bike
which was probably ill advised but worked out fine. I enjoyed the ride. Off to work with
me. Have a fabulous day.
4:55 pm 
20 mi? You athlete! It’s storming – big booms, lotsa rain-need it. Work’s busy – prep for
huge conference month-end.  Zaps cause raw skin underneath – I hurt fierce but
ignore it, keep my mind on other things.

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