Chinese buffet

12:45 pm Mom wanted to try a new Chinese buffet in Woburn.  Pretty good for $7.99!  So Chinese food two days in a row.  Good thing I like it! Hope you’re having a super Saturday!

Hot & sour soup

Appetizers galore!
Egg roll, chive wontons, crab rangoons, chicken finger, tempura veggies and peking ravioli!

General Gao’s chicken, chicken w/broccoli and pork with water chestnuts over white rice.

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One thought on “Chinese buffet”

  1. They are certainly tempting but the last time I went to a Chinese Buffet the cutest little girl was walking unattended adjacent to the buffet and probing her “booger” tainted fingers through the spring rolls. Ick!

    Your’s looks good though!

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