Waiting room

Thursday, July 21
7:13 am Good morning!  Heat wave day #2!  House cleaner @7:30 am.  Zap #23 and doc chat.  Whee!  Hugs to you.  And maybe a few kisses, too!

8:34 am Radiation oncology waiting room FISH TANK!

6:34 pm So itโ€™s hot there?
10:56 pm Still 85, thank goodness for a/c!  Do you have a cool spot?  Sweet dreams, kid.

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2 thoughts on “Waiting room”

  1. Hmm… the little hand sanitizer is always a good idea but somewhat ill placed as it interferes with your view of the fishies!

    I notice stupid stuff like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sharp eye, Jack! When I first entered that room, I noticed the sanitizers. Yay! Free sanitizers! Then I noticed they’re placed every 3 feet – which made me remember most of the patients were immuno-compromised, and those sanitizers were part of a desperate battle to fend off contagions. A very scary thing. I was very lucky – didn’t catch anything during treatment! Probably due (in part) to hand sanitizers!

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