Melodious Monday

Monday, July 11
6:56 am Good morning!  Bright sun, 70, 90 later.  To MGH for zap #15 and weekly doc chat.  Might not go to work, trying to decide.  Hope you have a melodious Monday la la la!
7:57 am Phil: Morning!  Off to a good start after a nice weekend.  Got some work done around the house, had some fun, relaxed. Busy week coming up.  Have a great Monday!
5:29 pm Took off from work and got 9 things done at  home!  Going for a walk to the drugstore, thinking of you.
6:05 pm Just plain hot out!  92 but not humid.  Love it.  Yes, I am bored and pestering you. 🙂
9:03 pm I’m missing a cable TV for the first time in about a year, wishing I could see the Home Run Derby.  Are you watching?  Hope you’re having a relaxing evening!
10:32 pm Bedtime for this Sass.  Sleep well, sweet man. 

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