Fabulous F*ck

Saturday, July 9
9:46 pm What did you eat?
[in response to photos on FB of his gang of co-workers at a restaurant]
[he posted photos of food to FB for me to see!]
9:52 pm You make me smile
10:05 pm Phil: [list of amazing dishes], oh baby!
10:06 pm Phil: and more!
10:07 pm Mmmm… sounds amazing!
10:08 pm My favorite place is closed for vaca.  And it’s driving me bonkers. 🙁
10:09 pm You still there?  Don’t want to interrupt…
10:12 pm Phil: Yea, owner is from the old country, amazing, so much fun
10:13 pm take one of you now and then eh? …. Want to see your smile instead of your pal.  He’s cute and all, but not who makes me tingle! 🙂
[He posted a photo to FB that someone else took of him with his phone!]
10:17 pm Phil: I aim to please 🙂
10:28 pm YAY!
10:29 pm Phil: Lol
10:35 pm Damn, kid.  You’re looking fine.  Tempts me to say sexy things…
10:37 pm Phil: Talk away kiddo. 🙂
10:41 pm Which is sexier to hear 1) “I want you to put your mouth on me” or 2) I want to put my mouth on you”?
10:43 pm Phil: Both 🙂
10:45 pm I am going to skip straight to “fuck me hard and fast, kid”
10:50 pm Phil:  There you go.  You need a big load of hot cum pumped into that sweet pussy.
10:50 am I have a vision of you going to the men’s room and me pulling you aside, pressing you against the wall with my body and doing what you tell me to do.
10:52 pm Phil: Get on your knees and swallow my cock
10:56 pm I’d kneel down, reach inside your shorts and pull you gently to my lips.  Then suck on you, caressing your balls with my other hand…
10:58 pm Phil: Ummmm, I’d love that
11:00 pm My fingers would find their way to your ass…
11:02 pm Phil: Damn girl!
11:05 pm and I’d try things with a wet finger until you moan and squirm… in and out, rimming, flicking up inside… all the while sucking you waaay down my throat.
11:11 pm Phil: You are gonna get a mouthful that way
11:12 pm Phil: You are a fabulous fuck by the way
11:12 pm mmmmm….
11:13 pm Why do you think that?
11:16 pm Phil: I know that, your pussy is so tight
11:19 pm It will only get better, now that I know more about what you want… I’m making a “fuckit list” – like a bucket list – of ways you want to fuck and be fucked
11:32 pm Phil: Ooooooh  🙂
11:32 pm I want a mouthful… to taste the sweetness… then you can spray the rest wherever you want.
11:39 pm Phil: Spray it all over your tits.  Like to fuck your tits and then shoot in your mouth and on your face.
11:46 pm Phil: We will have lobster again and we will get to enjoy each other again
11:47 pm Oh yeah… you make me so hot!  Then what?
11:47 pm Yes, please…
11:51 pm Always up for lobster.
11:52 pm Phil: Me too.  Always up for u too
11:54 pm Damn you say the sweetest things!  I want you up.  Inside me!
2:04 am Good night, kid.  Here’s to lobster and you.  Sleep well.

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