Shower Shaking

Friday, July 8, 2011
6:53 am Good morning, Philip!  70, clouds, cooler, t storms.  TGIF!
7:39 am Phil: Good morning!  Thank God it’s Friday!  Worked 4 am -11 pm, after midnight before I was in bed.  Long friggin day.  Another nice sunny day here.
7:47 am Send the sun to me!  Pouring now…thought of you while I was in the shower.  Thank goodness for a massaging shower hear!  Wish you could’ve watched.  😉
7:49 am Phil: Would have loved to watch.  Hope your knees buckled and you had to hang on. 🙂
7:55 am  The water was pounding.  Made me twist and writhe and moan… then shake.  Thought about you joining me in there.

12:55 pm Off to project lunch @ Border.  FYI – this shower stuff and talking about it is all new… Wild what you bring out in demure little me!
10:49 pm  On my way to dreamland…sending you a soft kiss good night.

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