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Thursday, July 7
7:23 am Good morning!  75 sun, cooler 84 today.  Routine zap #13 and work.  Wow – I’d love to hear you sing again!  We could do a duet!  What’s up for you today?  Enjoy!
5:08 pm Hey, kid.  How goes?  Sis invited me over for corn and LOBSTER tonight.  Woot!  I have the best sister in the whole wide world!!  Wish I could hand you one.  Hugs.
5:20 pm Phil: A sister or a lobster?
5:22 pm LOL! 🙂  Come sit on my lap and I’ll give you an answer.
5:42 pm JetBlue has a one-day sale going on.  Any chance you can fly to Boston? 🙂
8:23 pm Finished, full of lobster, off to futz with furniture! 
9:23 pm Finished futzing with furniture… anything else I should do that starts with F?
10:45 pm Good night, kid.  Sweet dreams.

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